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KOVALYOVA Irine Mychailovna

(1956 Ц 2018)

Senior Research Scientist of the Department of Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates of Institute of Zoology NAS Ukraine


ADDRESS: Ukraine, 01601, Kiev-30, B. Khmelnitsky str.15.

PHONE: (380-44) 234-30-93

FAX: (380-44) 224-15-69

E-mail: ikov [at] izan.kiev.ua, irakov2008 [at] ukr.net


Kiev State University, Biological Faculty (Diploma on biology-zoology, 1980).

Institute of Zoology NAS Ukraine, Kiev, Postgraduate course (1984-1987).


PhD in Biology (Degree of Candidate of Biol. Sci. on morphology and biology of the order Chiroptera) awarded at Institute of Zoology NAS Ukraine (1988).

Diploma of Senior Researcher at Institute of Zool. NAS Ukraine (2005).


Research interests: morphology, ecology and evolution of mammals, particularly Chiroptera. A theoretical generalization and a new solution of the scientific problem consisting in revealing the content and the mechanism of adaptive modifications in organs of the respiratory system of bats in the process of ontogeny and phylogeny under the influence of the ecological factors (gravity, partial pressure of oxygen) and the ethological features of this group of mammals (stay in an anti-orthostatic position, features of locomotion, policy of foraging) are produced for the first time. The well-reasoned proposition that the flying membranes of bats from the morpho-functional point of view are supplementary structures of gaseous exchange at all stages of ontogenesis is brought forward. The new point of view about originating a flying membrane in the course of the embryonic development of the ancestor form of bats under influence of certain conditions of the environment is advanced.

PUBLICATIONS: 110, including 1 monograph.


Kovalyova I.M. Comparative morphological investigation of ventral muscles in Chiroptera // Proceed. 4th EBRS, Praha: Charles University Press. Ц 1989. Ц –. 19Ц24.

Kovalyova I.M. Bats evolution in the light of adaptive transformations of the respiratory system // Myotis. Ц Bonn, 1994Ц1995. Ц Bd. 32. Ц Bd.32-33. Ц P. 9Ц19.

Kovalyova I.M., Taraborkin L.A. Comparative morphology and functional analysis of sternum and mm. pectorales in Bats // Myotis. Ц Bonn, 1998. Ц Bd. 36. Ц P. 121Ц131.

Kovalyova I.M., Taraborkin L.A. The Empirical estimation of adaptative transformations in the BatsТ thorax using the cluster analysis methods // Proceedings VIII-th European Bat Research Symposium (EBRS). Ц 2. Ц Krakow, 2001. Ц –. 59Ц80.

Kovalyova I.M. Peculiarities of prenatal development of Lungs in some plain-nosed (Vespertilionidae) and horseschoe (Rhinolophidae) Bats // ¬естник зоологии. Ц 2002. Ц 36(1). Ц P. 85Ц90.

Kovalyova I.M., Taraborkin L.A. The contribution of the skin of flying membranes to the total gas exchange in Chiroptera // Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Ц 2007. Ц є 9. Ц P.140Ц145. (In Ukrainian).

Kovalyova I.M. The structure and functions of the skin of bats flying membrane (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera)// Vestnik Zoologii (Zoological Herald). Ц 2008. Ц 42. Ц є 6. Ц P. 525Ц534. (In Russian).

Kovalyova I.M. The morphologic features of the batsТ diaphragm structure (Chiroptera; Vespertilionidae, Rhinolophidae) // Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Ц 2012. Ц є 8.Ц P. 131Ц135. (In Ukrainian).

Kovalyova I.M. Morphofunctional features of the wing membrane of Bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in connection with the evolution of the Order // Vestn. Zool./ Monogr. Ser. Ц 27. Ц 2013. Ц 88 p. (In Russian).

Kovalyova I.M. The Integrative approach to the problem of Bats (—hiroptera) origin // Sci. dialogue. Ц Yekaterinburg, 2013. Ц3 (15). Ц P.57Ц74. (In Russian).

Professional presentation:

VIII International Bat Research Conference (Australia, Sydney, 1989)

V Bat Research Conference (Russia, Penza, 1990)

V Meeting of Theryology society of RAN (Russia, Moscow, 1990)

VI EBRS European Bat Research Symposium (Portugal, Evora, 1993)

IV International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (USA, Chicago, 1994)

VII EBRS European Bat Research Symposium (Veldhoven, The Netherlands, 1996)

II International Conference on Carpathian Bats (Nova Sedmica, Slovakia, 1998)

VIII EBRS European Bat Research Symposium (Krakow, Poland, 1999)

VII Meeting of Theryology society of RAN (Russia, Moscow, 2003)

XIII International Bat Research Conference (Mykolayki, Poland, 2003)


The member of the Chiroptera Specialist Group of IUCN's Species Survival Commission, and The Bat Conservation Trust.

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