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Igor Dzeverin

Department of Evolutionary Morphology,

Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

15 Bogdan Khmelnytskyi Street

Kyiv - 30, 01601


Tel.: +380 44 494-14-46, +(380) (44 )234-30-93

E-mail: dzeverin [at] izan.kiev.ua, igordzeverin [at] gmail.com







Academic Training:

Doctor of Sciences (Biol.), 2012. Thesis: Mechanisms affecting the evolutionary change of cranial structures in Myotis and related vespertilionid taxa ; Synopsis of the Thesis: in Ukrainian, in Russian

Senior Researcher, 2007

Candidate of Sciences (Biol.), 1995 [=PhD]. Thesis: Craniometric variation and evolution of Myotis species (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) in Palearctics

Postgraduate course, 1990-1993, Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology

Higher education, 1984-1989, Shevchenko Kiev State University, Biological Faculty, Department of Zoology

Research Interests:


Evolutionary theory

Statistical techniques in biology

History and philosophy of biology

Current Studies:

Craniometric variation, taxonomy and evolution of Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae)

Inferring evolutionary patterns and mechanisms from multivariate comparative data

Selected Publications:

Ghazali M., Moratelli R., Dzeverin I. 2017. Ecomorph evolution in Myotis (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera). Journal of Mammalian Evolution 24(4): 475-484.

Kuzmina, T. A., Dzeverin, I., Kharchenko, V. A. 2016. Strongylids in domestic horses: Influence of horse age, breed and deworming programs on the strongyle parasite community. Veterinary Parasitology 227: 56-63.

Lyons E. T., Tolliver S. C., Kuzmina T. A., Dzeverin I. I., Nielsen M. K., McDowell K. J. 2014. Profiles of strongyle EPG values for Thoroughbred mares on14 farms in Kentucky (20122013). Veterinary Parasitology. 205: 646-652. >>>

Dzeverin I. I. 2013. Genetic basis for the emergence of novelties in vertebrates evolution. Studia Biologica 7(2): 207-216. [In Ukrainian with English summary]. >>>

Ghazali M., Dzeverin I. 2013. Correlations between hardness of food and craniometric traits in nine Myotis species (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae). Vestnik zoologii 47(1): 73-82 (print version), e-67 e-76 (online version). >>>

Dzeverin I., Lashkova O. 2012. Rates of divergence for craniometric characters in Sylvaemus species (Muridae, Rodentia) from the Ukraine fauna. Scientific Bulletin of the Uzhgorod University (Series Biology) 32: 131-134. [In Ukrainian with English summary]. >>>

Kuzmina T. A., Lyons E. T., Tolliver S. C., Dzeverin I. I., Kharchenko V. A. 2012. Fecundity of various species of strongylids (Nematoda: Strongylidae) parasites of domestic horses. Parasitology Research 111(6): 2265-2271. >>>

Ghazali M., Dzeverin I. 2012. Biometrics and taxonomic status of Myotis blythii (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from Crimea: odontometric characters. Vestnik zoologii 46(3): 259-267. [In Russian with English summary]. >>>

Dzeverin I., Ghazali M. 2012. Biometrics and taxonomic status of Myotis blythii (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from Crimea: cranial size and shape. Vestnik zoologii 46(1): 59-67. [In Russian with English summary]. >>>

Dzeverin I. 2011. The earliest known bats (Chiroptera): between the emergence and stasis. Scientific Bulletin of the Uzhgorod University (Series Biology) 30: 58-63. [In Ukrainian with English summary]. >>>

Dzeverin I. I. 2010. Genetic and developmental changes at early stages of chiropteran evolution: a brief review. Studia Biologica 4(3): 167-174. [In Ukrainian with English summary]. >>>

Dzeverin I., Putchkov P., Knyazeva O. 2010. Evolutionism and creationism in biology. Biologiia i khimiia v shkoli (2): 7-9, (3): 6-8, (4): 7-9, (5): 11-12, (6): 5-12. [In Ukrainian]. >>>

Dzeverin I., Ghazali M. 2010. Evolutionary mechanisms affecting the multivariate divergence in some Myotis species (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae). Evolutionary Biology 37(2-3): 100-112. >>>

Dzeverin I. I. 2009. Towards the synthesis: Darwinism, genetics and Schmalhausens evolutionary concept. The Bulletin of Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine 7(2): 305-321. [In Ukrainian with English summary]. >>>

Dzeverin I. I., Strelkov P. P. 2008. Taxonomic status of Myotis blythii (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from the Altai. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 87(8): 973-982. [In Russian with English summary].

Dzeverin I. 2008. The stasis and possible patterns of selection in evolution of a group of related species from the bat genus Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae). Journal of Mammalian Evolution 15(2): 123-142. >>>

Dzeverin I. I. 2007. The regressive trend of complex phenotypic structures in neutral evolution. Vestnik zoologii 41(1): 53-69. >>>

Dzeverin I. I., Lashkova E. I. 2005. An input of heterochronies to the formation of interspecific differences in wood mice, Sylvaemus (Rodentia). Zhurnal obshchei biologii 66(3): 258-272. [In Russian with English summary]. >>>

Strelkov P. P., Abramson N. I., Dzeverin I. I. 2002. Geographic variation of craniometric characteristics in the noctule bat Nyctalus noctula (Chiroptera) related to its life history. Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 81(7): 850-863. [In Russian with English summary].

Dzeverin I. I. 1998. A unidimensional model of phenetic diversity of the Palearctic Myotis species. Biology Bulletin 25(2): 206-212. Originally published in Russian with English summary in Izvestiya Akademii nauk. Seriia biologicheskaia 1998(2): 258-265.

Dzeverin I. I. 1995. Craniometric variation in lesser mouse-eared bat, Myotis blythi (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae). Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 74(7): 82-95. [In Russian with English summary].

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