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BOGDANOVICH Igor Aleksandrovich

Senior Research Scientist

In 1978 has ended the Kiev University of T.G. Shevchenko. In Department of Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates works since 1976.

Results of functional morphology studies of birds locomotor apparatus were stated in the dissertation and monographic work Terrestrial locomotion apparatus of Tetraonidae and other Galliformes. Morpho-ecologic character. Morphobiological method of research, experience of which accumulated in the study of neontological material used in the annex to the paleontological material. Research interests mainly focuse now on the origin of birds locomotor apparatus, flight and birds as class.

Selected publications:

Bogdanovich I. A. Origin and evolutionary-morphological characteristics of terrestrial locomotion apparatus of birds // Vestnik zoologii 2014. Suppl. 31. 80 p. (In Russian).

Bogdanovich I. A. Morphoecological peculiarities of pelvis in several genera of rails with some notes on systematic position of the coot, Fulica atra (Rallidae, Gruiformes) // Vestnik zoologii. 2014. 48 (3). P. 249-25.

Bogdanovich I. A. Hind limb myology of the Rhea Americana // Ornitologia. 2013. 38. P. 5-15 (In Russian).

Bogdanovich I. A., Klykov V. I. Peculiarities of cross-sections shape geometry of birds pelvic limbs long bones // Vestnik zoologii. 2011. 45 (3). P. 259-264 (In Russian).

Kurochkin E. N., Bogdanovich I. A. The origin of feathered flight // Paleontological journal. 2010. Vol. 44, No.12. P. 1570-1588.

Bogdanovich I. A. Bipedalism: possible causes and consequences / Charles Darwin and modern biology: oll. of theses of intern. conf. (21-23 september 2009, St.-Petersburg). StPb, 2009. P. 141-143 (In Russian).

Kurochkin E. N, Bogdanovich I. A. On the origin of avian flight: compromise and system approaches // Biology Bulletin. 2008. vol. 35. 1. P. 1-11.

Bogdanovich I. A. Some skeletal peculiarities of Rhea americana (Rheiformes, Rheidae) with respect of Ratitae evolution // Vestnik zoologii. 2008. 42 (4). P. 347-354 (In Russian).

Bogdanovich I. A. Once more about origin of birds and flight: cursorial or arboreal? // Vestnik zoologii. 2007. 41 (3). P. 283-284.

Bogdanovich I. A.On probable mechanisms of locomotor modules formation in birds evolution // Vestnik zoologii. 2005. 39 (6). P. 79-82 (In Russian).

Bogdanovich I. A. Morphologic aspect of phylogeny of Hesperornithidae (Ornithurae, Aves) // Vestnik zoologii. 2003. 37 (6). P. 65-71 (In Ukrainian).

Bogdanovich I. A. Foot transformations in early evolution of birds // Vestnik zoologii. 2000. 4-5. P.123-127 (In Russian).

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