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[Department of Invertebrate Fauna and Systematics]

MONCHENKO, Vladislav Ivanovich
Academician NASU, Prof.


DATE and PLACE of BIRTH: 02.04.1932, Moscow, USSR




Institute of Zoology NAS Ukraine

General Research Scientist



ADDRESS: Ukraine, 01601, Kiev-30, B.Khmelnitsky str.15.

PHONE: (380-44) 235-10-21

FAX: (380-44) 224-15-69




Kiev State University, Biological Faculty, 1950-1955.

Institute of Zoology NAS Ukraine, Kiev, 1955-1958. Postgraduate course.


1955 Diploma of Kiev State University on biology-zoology.

1962 PhD in Biology (Degree of Candidate of Biol. Sci.) (awarded at Kiev State Univ.) on taxonomy and biology of the order Copepoda).

1969 Diploma of Senior Researcher at Institute of Zool. NAS Ukraine.

1989 Degree of Doctor of Biol.Sci. (awarded at the Institute of Zoology NAS, Ukraine).

1994 Degree of Academician of Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences.

1995 Degree of Professor of Biology.

2000 Named as Corresponding Member of Nation. Acad. Sci. Ukr.

2003 Named as Academisian of National Academy of Sci. Ukraine


1957-1964 Junior researcher at the Institute of Zoology NAS

1964-1980 Senoir researcher at the same Institute.

1980-1987 Deputy Director of the same Institute.

1993-1999 " " " " " "

1980-2004 Head of Department of Fauna and Systematic of Invertebrates

2004 - present General Research Scientist


1976 D.K.Zabolotniy"s Award of Ukrainian Academy of Sci.

2007 Laureate of State Prize-winner in Sci. and Technique

2008 Honoured Scientist of Ukraine


SYMPOSIUM participation (abroad):

1992 I European Crustacean Conference (Paris).

1994 I International Symposium DIAPAUSE in CRUSTACEA (St-Petersburg, Russia).

1996 II European Crustacean Conference (Liege).

1996 YI International Conference on Copepoda (Oldenburg, Germany).

1998 II International Symposium DIAPAUSE in CRUSTACEA (St-Petersburg, Russia) as Member of Scientific Committee.

SPACE OF SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: taxonomy, zoogeography, ecology, fauna of freeliving freshwater and marine Copepoda. 34 new species species, 7 genera, 1 subfamily are described. Common problems solved in virtue of Copepoda: Species and genera endemism formation in polyhaline and oligohaline (Ponto-Caspian faunistic complex) waters in South Russian Seas. Oligomerization of the limbs in Copepoda as a kind of orthogenetic evolution in animal kingdom. Inciting forces of induction and termination of diapause. Evolutionary formation of host-symbiont relations. Cryptic species: evidence from interbreeding studies. Sibling-species as the first stage in speciation in Copepoda.


PUBLICATIONS: 168, including 7 monographs.


Prof. Alekseev V.R. , Russia, 199034, Sankt-Petersburg, Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, 1, Zoological Institute of Russian Acad. of Sci.

Academicien NAS Ukraine Zaitsev Yuvenaly Petrovich, Ukraine, 270011, Pushkinskaya str.37, Odessa Branch, Instit. of Biol., of Southern Seas.

Dr.Wyngaard G., James Madison University, Biology Department, Virginia 22807 Harrisburg, USA.

Prof.Dr. F.Ferrari, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC 20560.


Monchenko V.I. 1974. Cyclopoida Gnathostoma. Cyclopidae (in Ukrainian). Fauna of Ukraine, t.27, N 3. Nauk. Dumka, Kiev: 450 p.

Monchenko al.1985.Invertebrates (without Insecta). In: Animal kingdom of Ukraine (in Russian). Nauk. Dumka, Kiev: 230 p.

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Monchenko V.I. 1996. The problem of induction and termination of diapause in cyclopoid copepods. Hydrobiologia, N 320: 119-122.

Monchenko V.I. 1998. The Ponto-Caspian Zoogeographic complex of Cyclopoida in the Casipan, Azov and Black Seas. Journ. of Marine Systems, N 15: 421-424.

Monchenko V.I.& von Vaupel Klein. 1999. Oligomerization in Copepoda Cyclopoida as a kind of orthogenetic evolution in the animal kingdom. Crustaceana, vol.72, N 3: 241-264.

Monchenko V.I. 2000 . Cryptic species in Diacyclops bicuspidatus (Copepoda: Cyclopoida): evidence from crossbreeding studies. Hydrobiologia, 417, P.101-107.

Monchenko V.I. 2000. The general characteristik of Plankton. In: Biodiversity of Dzharylgach: recently state and ways of preservation. Kiev., Vestnik zoologii, 227 p. (in russian).

Monchenko V.I. 2003. Freeliving Cyclopoida Copepoda in Ponto-Caspian basin. Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 350 p. (in Russian)


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