[Department of Invertebrate Fauna and Systematics]

Selected publications of Dr. Vitaliy V. Anistratenko

Monographs and Guides

1. Anistratenko V.V. & Stadnichenko A.P. 1995 [1994]. Fauna Ukraine: In 40 vol. Vol. 29: Mollusca. Fasc. 1. B. 2: Orders Littoriniformes, Rissoiformes. Kiev: Naukova dumka. 175 pp. [in Russian].

2. Anistratenko V.V. 1998. Handbook for identification of Pectinibranch Gastropods of the Ukrainian fauna. Part 1. Marine and Brackish-water. Vestnik zoologii, Supplement 8: 3-65 [in Russian with English summary].

3. Anistratenko V.V. 1998. Handbook for identification of Pectinibranch Gastropods of the Ukrainian fauna. Part 2. Freshwater and Land. Vestnik zoologii, Supplement 8: 67-125 [in Russian with English summary].

4. Anistratenko V.V. & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2001. Fauna Ukraine: In 40 vol. Vol. 29: Mollusca. Fasc. 1. B. 1: Class Polyplacophora or Chitons, Class Gastropoda - Cyclobranchia, Scutibranchia and Pectinibranchia (part). Kiev: Veles. 240 pp. [in Russian with extend English summary and captions].

5. Anistratenko V.V., Anistratenko O.Yu. & Kostenko N.S. 2009 [2007-2008]. Atlas of Karadag Molluscs. Chitons and Gastropods. Simpheropol: SONAT. 120 pp. [in Russian with English Abstract]. [PDF]

6. Anistratenko V.V., Khaliman I.A & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2011. The Molluscs of the Sea of Azov. Kiev: Naukova dumka. 173 pp. [in Russian with English Abstract].[PDF]


Scientific Papers

1. Anistratenko V.V. 1987. Tooth inversions in the lock of molluscs of the family Sphaeriidae. Zoologiceskij zhurnal, 1: 133-135 [in Russian with English summary].

2. Anistratenko V.V. 1987. The using of empty shells and alive mollusks by Trichoptera's larvae for construction of larval-case. Vestnik zoologii, 3: 75-76 [in Russian].

3. Anistratenko V.V. 1988. Peculiarities of life cycle and ecology of Shadinicyclas (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae). Vestnik zoologii, 2: 34-37 [in Russian].

4. Anistratenko V.V. 1989. The method of numerical description of shape non-marine Bivalval molluscs and its utilization in taxonomy. Paleontologicheskij zhurnal, 2: 101-103 [in Russian with English summary].

5. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1989. A new system of indexation, inversions, composition and topography of teeth of Mollusca, Bivalvia, Pisidioidea. Vestnik zoologii, 6: 11-14 [in Russian].

6. Anistratenko V.V. & hernogorenko E.V. 1989. Fauna and ecology of the Gastropoda in the Middle Dnieper Basin. Vestnik zoologii, 2: 3-6 [in Russian with English summary].

7. Starobogatov Ya.I., Korniushin A.V. & Anistratenko V.V. 1989. Species composition of the genus Shadinicyclas (Bivalvia Sphaeriidae) in fauna of the USSR. Bulleten Moskovskogo Obschestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskij, 94(3): 50-58 [in Russian with English summary].

8. Anistratenko V.V. 1990. Mollusks of the family Truncatellidae (Gastropoda Pectinibranchia) of Black and Azov seas. Vestnik zoologii, 4: 67-70 [in Russian with English summary].

9. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1990. Arrangement of the lock of some Bivalves molluscs (Mollusca Bivalvia) according the new system of teeth's indexation. Vestnik zoologii, 2: 75-76 [in Russian].

10. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1990. Mollusks of the order Coniformes (Gastropoda Pectinibranchia) from the Black and Azov seas. Vestnik zoologii, 3: 72-74 [in Russian with English summary].

11. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1990. New fossil species belonging to Amesoda (Cyrenastrum) subgenus (Bivalvia; Sphaeriidae). Bulleten Moskovskogo Obschestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskij, 95(2): 60-63 [in Russian with English summary].

12. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1990. Bivalval Mollusks (Mollusca, Bivalvia) of the Middle Dnieper Basin. Novosti faunistiki i systematiki. iev: Naukova Dumka: 14-20 [in Russian with English summary].

13. Anistratenko V.V. 1991. Mollusks of Hydrobia sensu lato group from the Black and the Azov seas. Bulleten Moskovskogo Obschestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskij, 96(6): 73-81 [in Russian].

14. Anistratenko V.V. & Baidashnikov A.A. 1991. Evolutionary significance of the coiling inversion in Molluscs. Vestnik zoologii, 2: 10-14 [in Russian with English summary].

15. Anistratenko V.V. & Prisjazhnuik V.A. 1991. Maeotian sphaeriids (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae) of the Southern Ukraine. Paleontologicheskij zhurnal, 3: 108-110 [in Russian with English summary].

16. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1991. Mollusks of the order Trochiformes (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia) from the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Bulleten Moskovskogo Obschestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskij, 96(1): 65-71 [in Russian with English summary].

17. Starobogatov Ya.I. & Anistratenko V.V. 1991. On the taxonomy of the genus Pomatias (Gastropoda Pectinibranchia Pomatiidae). Vestnik zoologii, 5: 28-33 [in Russian with English summary].

18. Anistratenko V.V., Kovalenko V.A. & Prisjaznuik V.A. 1991. New data on fossil mollusks from the Middle Sarmatian of Caucasus. Bulleten Moskovskogo Obschestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskij, 66(5): 99-105 [in Russian with English summary].

19. Anistratenko V.V. & Prisjaznuik V.A. 1992. New data on mollusks of the Black Sea Holocene deposits of the Ukraine. Vestnik zoologii, 5: 15-21 [in Russian with English summary].

20. Sitnikova T.Ya., Starobogatov Ya.I. & Anistratenko V.V. 1992. Anatomy and taxonomic position of some small European Pectinibranch molluscs (Mollusca Gastropoda). Vestnik zoologii, 6: 3-12 [in Russian with English summary].

21. Starobogatov Ya.I. & Anistratenko V.V. 1993. Mollusks of the suborder Ellobioidei (Pulmonata) from the Mediterranean and Atlantic European shore. Vestnik zoologii, 4: 3-9 [in Russian with English summary].

22. Anistratenko V.V. 1993. Molluscs of Melanopsidae and Bithyniidae families (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia) from Cimmerian deposits in Abkhazia. Bulleten Moskovskogo Obschestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskij, 98(5): 68-79 [in Russian with English summary].

23. Anistratenko V.V. & Alexenko T.L. 1994. Reproductive peculiarities of the Turricaspia Mollusks (Gastropoda, Pyrgulidae) of the fauna of Ukraine. Vestnik zoologii, 6: 59-64 [in Russian with English summary].

24. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1994. Molluscs of the superfamily Rissooidea from the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov (Gastropoda Pectinibranchia Rissoiformes). 'La Conchiglia (International Shell Magazin), 271: 41-48.

25. Anistratenko V.V. & Gozhik P.F. 1995. Mollusks of the families Neritidae, Viviparidae, Lithoglyphidae and Pyrgulidae (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia) from Cimmerian deposits of Abkhazia. Vestnik zoologii, 1: 3-13 [in Russian with English summary].

26. Anistratenko V.V. 1995. On the two strange Phenomena in Mollusks. In: Abstracts of 12th World Congress of Malacology, Vigo (Spain), 3-8 September 1995 (A. Guerra, E. Rolan & F. Rocha, eds.): 295-296.

27. Anistratenko V.V. 1995. A New Species of the Genus Terrestribythinella (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia) from Transcarpathia. Vestnik zoologii, 4: 66-68 [in Russian with English summary].

28. Anistratenko V.V. 1996. Gastropod Mollusks of the Black Sea Biosphere Nature Reserve. Vestnik zoologii, 1/2: 9-15 [in Russian with English summary].

29. Anistratenko V.V. & Prisjazhnuk V. A. 1996. Two new genera of Sarmatian Gastropods from Western Ukraine. Paleontologicheskij zhurnal, 1: 20-27 [in Russian with English summary].

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32. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1997. Which species of Scissurella (Gastropoda, Pleurotomariiformes) inhabits the Black Sea? Vestnik zoologii, 1-2: 75-76 [in Russian with English summary].

33. Starobogatov Ya.I. & Anistratenko V.V. 1997. The method of a precise counting of whorls in bivalves Molluscs. Doklady Akademii Nauk Ukrainy, 4: 180-183 [in Russian with English summary].

34. Anistratenko V.V. 1997. Is the European occurrence of Potamopyrgus (Gastropoda: Tateidae) anthropochorous or autochthonous? In: Congress Volume (Edited by G. Falkner): Contributions to Palaearctic Malacology (International Congress on Palaearctic Mollusca, Munchen, 1-4 September 1997) Heldia, Band 4, Sonderheft 5: 141- 142.

35. Anistratenko V.V. 1998. Homeomorphy: the essence of phenomena and its significance for systematics and phylogeny (Gastropods as a model). Vestnik zoologii, 32(1-2): 98-107 [in Russian with English summary].

36. Alexenko T.L. & Anistratenko V.V. 1998. Reproductive Peculiarities in two species of the genus Caspia (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Pyrgulidae).Vestnik zoologii, 32(4): 60-66 [in Russian with English summary].

37. Anistratenko V.V. & Starobogatov Ya.I. 1999. Mollusks of the genera Tritia and Cyclope (Gastropoda, Bucciniformes, Nassariidae) of the Black and Azov Seas. Vestnik zoologii, 33(1-2): 23-33 [in Russian with English summary].

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43. Anistratenko V.V., Bandel K. & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2003. On some rare trochoidean gastropods from the Miocene of the West Ukraine. Mitteilungen aus dem Geologisch-Palaontologischen Institut Universitat der Hamburg, 87: 99-114 (with 7 tables and 32 figures).

44. Anistratenko V.V. 2004. Phylogenetic relationships of Coelacanthia and Archaschenia, two spinose rissoids (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the Miocene of the Eastern Paratethys. Vestnik zoologii, 38(2): 3-12 [in English with Russian summary].

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53. Anistratenko V.V. 2007. Finding of the extremely rare hydrobiid Caspia logvinenkoi (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the estuary of the River Don and its zoogeographical significance. Mollusca (former Malakologische Abhandlungen, 25(1): 23-26.

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66. Anistratenko V.V. 2010. Switching of Early Ontogeny Type, Its Mechanism, and Role in Evolution of Mollusca. Biology Bulletin 37 (2): 130-137. Original Russian text published in Izvestiya Akademii Nauk, Seriya Biologicheskaya, 2010, 2: 167-176. The article is available electronically on SpringerLink: http://www.springerlink.com/openurl.asp?genre=article&id=doi:10.1134/S1062359010020068

67. Anistratenko O.Yu., Burger A.W. & Anistratenko V.V. 2010. A striking convergence in conchological morphology between Oligocene-Miocene lottiids (Mollusca, Patellogastropoda) from the North Sea Basin and the Paratethys. Cainozoic Research (The Netherlands), 7(1-2): 109-117.

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74. Anistratenko V.V., Ryabceva Yu.S. & Degtyarenko E.V. 2013. Morphological Traits of the Radula in Viviparidae (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda) as a Master Key to Discrimination of Closely Related Species. Vestnik zoologii, 47(2): 149-160.

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