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History. The Department of Invertebrate Fauna and Systematics was established in 1975 on initiative of Vladislav I. Monchenko as the Laboratory of Invertebrates. It aimed organization and conducting investigations of the free-living invertebrates (except mites and insects), which were studied only occasionally, as bridging host species for parasites at the Department of Parasitology. V.I. Monchenko has become the first Head of the Laboratory, and provided the study studies of Fauna, Systematics, Morphology, Ecology and Zoogeography of the protozoans, rotifers, turbellarians, crustaceans, mollusks, springtails, etc. Initially the Laboratory staff numbered only 7 persons, it increased up to 15 then and in 1981 the rank of Laboratory was raised up to Department.

Staff of the Department (1990). From left to right:
lower row: I.V. Dovgal, A.N. Pindrus, A.A. Baidashnikov, V.V. Anistratenko, A.V. Korniushin;
upper row: E.M. Ovander, O.M. Kochina, V.R. Zaturenska, O.V. Zhuk, V.I. Monchenko,
M.V. Tarashchuk, L.I. Yanchenko, A.O. Chernysheva, A. Savchenko, M.M. Vovchenko

Since 2008 the Laboratory of Zoogeography as a separate unit of Department was included; later, in 2015 it was transformed to the Research Group of Zoogeography.

Nowadays the Department staff comprises of 12 persons of which 2 Doctors of Sciences (V.I. Monchenko is the Full Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and 8 Candidates of Sciences (PhD). The scientists of the Department are highly qualified specialists and experts on Protozoa, Rotifera, Turbellaria, Mollusca, Crustacea and Collembola. Study in Systematics and Phylogenetics, Biodiversity, Zoogeography and Ecology are carrying out as theoretical basis for solution of different applied problems. The Department aims its further prospects in the combination of traditional methods of study and modern approaches with inclination towards the prognostic value of the work.

The methods of traditional morphology (including histological techniques) in combination with modern mathematic approaches, DNA study as well as using a scanning electron microscopy are the general strategy of the ongoing research. Preparation of monographic reviews on invertebrates of the fauna of Ukraine is another priority direction of work for the scientists of the Department; the geographic areas of the study are been steady expended. Eight monographs of the Fauna of Ukraine series as well as several other monographs were published by our colleagues.

Scientists of the Department participate in preparation of Red Data Book of Ukraine, maintaining the Cadastre of Animal World of Ukraine, develop the methods of bioindication and assessment of some commercial invertebrates resources.

Academician V.I. Monchenko is laureate of the D.K Zabolotny Award NAS of Ukraine (1975) and State Prize of Ukraine (2007); V.V. Anistratenko, O.V. Korniushin and I.V. Dovgal are the laureates of the I.I. Schmalhausen Award NAS of Ukraine (2004). I.O. Balashov is laureate of the Young Scientists Award NAS of Ukraine (2013).

Staff of the Department (2014).
From left to right: M. B. Kirichenko, Yu. P. Kanana, Ya. M. Danylkiv, O. Yu. Anistratenko, V. R. Zaturenska,
V. V. Anistratenko, R. V. Babko, O. B. Vasylkovska;
lower row: O. O. Baidashnikov,I. O. Balashov, R. S. Vargovitch.



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