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Lena V. Godlevska

senior research scientist

E-mail: LGodlevska (at) izan.kiev.ua

Web-site: http://kazhan.org.ua/eng/persons/godl-home.htm

Main interests

Fauna, ecology, zoogeography, phylogeography of bats, niche modeling analyses. Wildlife conservation. Science popularization.



2007: PhD-degree, Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, Kiev, NAS of Ukraine.


Supported projects

Has been involved in the execution of bat conservation projects as a team-leader or team-member.

2002: Migratory status of bats in Ukraine (by the MATRA programme, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; a member of the executive team).

20022003: Inventory of underground habitats in Ukraine and elaboration of recommendations to their protection (supported by the MATRA programme of he Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; a member of the executive team).

20042005: Bat census in Crimean caves (supported by BP Conservation Programme; team leader).

20062007: Key sites for cave-dwelling bats of Podillya and Dniester River region (supported by DEFRA, UK; team leader).

20082009: Key sites for cave-dwelling bats of the continental south of Ukraine (supported by Luxembourg Direction des Eaux et Forts, German Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety through the EUROBATS Secretariat; team leader).

2009: Development of collaboration between bat workers and public healthy authorities: implementation for bat conservation in Ukraine (supported by MEEDDAT, France; DEFRA, UK; EUROBATS Secretariat; team leader).

20092010: Conservation of important underground bat sites in the Eastern Crimea (Southern Ukraine) (supported by Stichting Zoogdierenwerkgroep Zuid-Holland and the Bat Support Fund for Eastern Europe; team leader).

20102011: Follow-up inventory of underground bat sites in western part of Ukraine (supported by Stichting Zoogdierenwerkgroep Zuid-Holland and the Bat Support Fund for Eastern Europe; team leader).

2012: Workshops on bat research and conservation in Belarus (by the Habitat Foundation; invited trainer and lecturer).

20142015: Inventory of bat underground sites in not-cave regions of Ukraine (supported by the Bat Support Fund for Eastern Europe; team leader).

20162017: Bats of natural protected territories of Northern and Central Ukraine (supported by the Rufford Foundation; an applicant).


Professional involvement

Scientific focal point of Ukraine in Advisory Committee of EUROBATS Agreement.

Member of IUCN Species Survival Commission Bat Specialist Group.

Head of Scientific Advisory Council on the Conservation of Bats for Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

Member of the editorial board of Proceedings of the Theriological School, Proceedings of the Zoological Museum (Kyiv).


Language skills

Ukrainian, Russian, English


Author and co-author of over 90 scientific papers and monographs, conference abstracts, row of education and popularization publications.

List: http://kazhan.org.ua/eng/persons/godl-home.htm

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Selected publications

(as for May, 2017)


Dulitsky A. I., Godlevskaya E. V., Chirny V. I., Zimnukhov R. A., Goldin E. B., Tovpinets N. N., Evstafiyev I. L. Materials for structuring the local eco-net of the Eastern Crimean based on the theriological data // The nature of the Eastern Crimea. The assessment of biodiversity and development of the local eco-net. Kiev, 2013. P. 6774.

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van Weezep E., Godlevska L. V., Prylutska A. S., Vlaschenko A. S., Lina P. H.C., Kooi E. A. First specific data on the occurrence of EBLV in bats from Ukraine // 4th International Berlin Bat Meeting: Movement Ecology of Bats, Berlin, 1315 March 2015. Berlin: Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW), 2015. P. 107.


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