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Department of scientifical collections

It was established in 1996. The department is headed by A.V.Putchkov, Cand. Sc. (Biology). Other personnel is included – two Cand. Sc. (Biology). and fours engineers. Additionally nine curators from other scientific departments of Institute are appointed for control by collections.

Main trends of investigations of department are:

1. Control for the forming and preservation, registration and calculation of the zoological collections; scientific elaboration of methods of conservation of zoological material; preparation of the catalogues of some insects.

2. Studying of some groups beetles - Carabidae, Leiodiae, Tenebrionidae.

3. Studying of the inclusions of invertebrate animals from Ukranian amber.

Main information of zoological collections of Institute are presented on separate file.

List of collaborators of department:

1.Putchkov A.V., Cand.Sc. (Biology)- Carabidae, Cicindelidae.

2. Perkovskyi E.E. Cand. Sc. (Biology)- Leiodidae, intertabrate animals from amber.

3. Cherney L.S. Cand Sc. (Biology) – Tenebrionidae.


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